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Friday, May 20, 2016: Key appointment raises the bar for health & social care partnerships


Congratulations to Michael Kellet. This appointment underlines just how important the new Scottish Health and Social Care partnerships are going to be in the delivery of primary health care and community services

The text below is from the news release issued by Fife Council.


Fife's Health and Social Care Partnership appoints new Director

Michael Kellet has been appointed as the new Director of Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership. He will take up post in August 2016 and will be accountable to the NHS Fife Board and Fife Council, as well as the Scottish Government’s Health Secretary.

The appointment comes following the recent announcement that Sandy Riddell, as current Director, will retire in August 2016.

Health and Social Care Partnership’s across Scotland went live on 1 April.  Fife is one of the largest.  With over 5,000 staff and a joint budget of around £470m the aim to drive out duplication and ensure services are coordinated around the citizen so they are able to live safe and independent lives for as long as possible.

Currently, Michael is Director of Healthcare Strategy at Scottish Government.  With over 20 years’ experience of working in government in Scotland, he has taken on a range of key roles over the years, including private secretary to 3 separate Ministers, as the policy lead on flagship pieces of legislation and a key role representing Scotland abroad.

Chair of the Partnership’s Integration Joint Board (IJB), Cllr Andrew Rodger welcomed the news stating:  “I am delighted to welcome Michael as Director of Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership.  It is a new phase in the journey towards delivering joined up care for people in Fife.

The past two years have been complex as we prepared for the introduction of new legislation. I pay recognition to Sandy Riddell, who has led on delivering the critical groundwork in readiness for the launch of the Partnership and indeed, all the staff and public who have, and will continue to be at the heart of transformation.

Michael’s appointment marks a major new milestone and his wealth of experience will now drive forward our ambitious plans for the transformation of services and the benefits it can bring for the people of Fife.  I look forward to working with him as we all take forward transformation in Fife together.”

Steve Grimmond, Chief Executive with Fife Council welcomed the news.   He said: “I am delighted to welcome Michael as Director of Health and Social Care.  The creation of the new Partnership is one of the biggest changes seen in health and social work. Change will take time and there is still much to do.  I thank everyone involved for their hard work so far.

Council Leader, Cllr David Ross said: We face significant challenges in health and social care not only in Fife but across Scotland.  Closer integration of NHS and council services won’t fix everything on its own but it is a significant shift in the right direction.  Having worked with Michael on the Fife Partnership Board, I am sure he will help us push on with the changes that are needed in Fife.”

Paul Hawkins, Chief Executive, NHS Fife said:  “Michael’s appointment is welcomed and I look forward to working with him in his new role.”

Allan Burns, Chair of NHS Fife Board, said: “I congratulate Michael on his new appointment. This is a challenging, yet exciting times and by working together we can achieve the healthiest life possible for everyone in Fife.”

Commenting on his appointment, Michael stated: “I’m humbled and hugely excited to take on this role in Fife.  I look forward to building on the great work that Sandy Riddell and the whole team have done.  The opportunity, through a keen focus both on delivery and on transformation, to improve outcomes for the people we serve in Fife is one I relish.  I can’t wait to get started.”

 Michael will take up his new post from August 2016.



Michael has 20 years’ experience working in government in Scotland.  He has taken on a range of key roles over the years as private secretary to 3 separate Ministers, as the policy lead on flagship pieces of legislation and a key role representing Scotland abroad.

Michael has been in his present role since January 2014.  The Directorate leads on strategy and policy for the health service in Scotland with a strong focus on quality and improvement.  Michael’s previous SCS roles include in education on the teacher workforce and as Head of Emergencies for Scottish Government. 

Michael graduated from Glasgow University in 1991 with a LLB in Public Law & Politics. He qualified as a solicitor in the criminal legal aid field in Edinburgh but after doing so concluded that giving the civil service a try might better suit his passion for public policy and making a difference to people’s lives.  Michael has two young daughters.  Michael’s passions beyond his family extend to playing football, reading American history and music.

For further information on health and social care integration in Fife please visit: