Policy and government

Scotland's MSPs, ministers,
councillors and civil servants
are accessible and keen to
engage in policy areas of
importance to them.

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Ettrickburn engages with Scotland's
broadcast and print journalists,
bloggers and the people running
on-line digital news platforms to
identify the best opportunity for
you and to get your story across.

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Market access

Ettrickburn builds and delivers
comprehensive strategic
engagement programmes to
ensure NHS Scotland
is ready for new medicines.

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Media training

Whether you are talking to a journalist
as part of a planned communication
programme or dealing with broadcasters
during a crisis, Ettrickburn can equip
you with the skills to get the best
out of every media encounter.

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Scotland is different

Our health and care system has big
ambitions to deliver safe, effective,
people-based and community-
centred care for all ages. How this
is achieved differs significantly
from other UK healthcare systems.

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Ettrickburn is Scotland's communications consultancy specialising in Scottish health, social care and lifesciences.

We build a bridge to the people who matter because Scotland is different.

We use our track record of success to help you reach policy and decision-makers, health and care professionals, industry, academia and patient organisations.

We combine experience in journalism, public affairs and media relations to inform and influence policy and perceptions across health, care, medical science and research in Scotland.

Ettrickburn wants Scotland to thrive and, working with those who make and keep people well, we build a bridge to those who share that ambition.